Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Frog pond and frolicking.

Monday i had some free time so i thought i would get out a few of my UFO's and deal with them. You know you all do it out of sight out of mind. And we all avoid dealing with them until we have to.
I have the HP sweater i was making for my nephew and then i decided i didn't like the way it was turning out so i got him a gift card and left it waiting for it's fate since like December. also a sweater i was makingg myself.. i haven't worked on for over a year so i thought it was time to recycle the yarn and use if for something else.. I'm not sure what but I'm sure it will come to me. so rip rip rip and out came the grey sweater. the yarn is really soft i got it in Germany and I've lost the label so I'm not sure what it's called. Though i do remember that it was like 40%-50% wool. the HP one is soft too, it's woolease. It's so easy to knit and easy to care for! I've got a few friends who're having babies and they're boys so i can def use this yarn again and soon. I will take any ideas you have into consideration as to what i should use this wonderful recycled yarn for though. Even if it's not for babies and just for me or my kids or DH...
Gimmie Ideas!
Can I admit to you that I haven't made my sister and my new niece anything? I'm at a loss as to what to make her. I was going to make her a monster hat but i hate fun fur and threw it away b/c it so didn't work out. Yeah it really pissed me off and you can't frog fun fur.. sigh. Have I mentioned I HATE fun fur? it's itchy too. anyways this isn't an anti fun fur rally it's a rally for me to figure out what to make her and little C. So Jess LMK what you want me to make, and it can be anything I can sew a diaper bag, or crochet something like a blanket or knit something too. HELP ME!

So today it was wonderful outside. Like in the high 70's! we played outside and had fun. We swung and colored with chalk and rode bikes.. well the destroyer did and the Bub used the scooter. since her bike is still at her uncles in storage.. yeah we're going to get that soon. I also cut the Bub's hair. She's been asking me for a while now so today while outside chop chop! Here's the pix what do you think. she said "it's just as short as i wanted" and for any of you who know her can TOTALLY hear her saying that! and of course i couldn't take a pix of the bub with out taking one of the destroyer. so here she is.. such a ham!
also on another note you can see I have added a ticker up there. in place of those annoying adds i had there before. I decided to remove them and put something encouraging up there. Now I need to loose way more than 25 lbs but with WW you start with small goals and work from there so my first goal is 10% of my weight. anyways just wanted to update you on life.. consider yourself updated!


Christy said...

I've been making little Baby Surprise Sweaters (Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern) for gifts. The are pretty cool to make as they are done all in one piece. Easy peasy. You can pretty much use any yarn you want for those. I've used worsted weight yarn and the sweaters come out to fit a 12-18 month old.

jessica said...

You know me... I really don't care.(in a good way of course)Or maybe its that I don't make decisions well. And if you feel like you don't have time to It really won't bother me. I do have a small diper bag for going to a church and just in case situations, but I don't have one that could be used on longer trips, for multipul kids... or maybe a blanket to lay her on, or to put on the ground once the weather gets nice out, so she could be off of the grass and dirt... or whatever you feel like making. I'm sure I will love anything you could posibilly make:) But please dont feel like you absoutly have to make her something, I know you have lots of other babies to knit for. blah blah blah... I'll stop writing now, ttyl, love you!

jessica said...

Oh I forgot to say that bub's hair looks really good! And I'm glad someone is able to play outside... I have hopes that someday it will be nice here too.

Yesterday it snowed.