Saturday, December 17, 2005

Crafty goodies!

Ok so it's Christmas time and all the other blogs I've been visiting are sharing their goodies. We're a little behind this year b/c of the move but I thought I would share with ya the ornaments we made this year. As a tradition each year we make an ornament and give it to friends and family. this one we bough clear/irridencent glass bulbs and some metallic paint. Since the Bub was helping we picked blue, silver, pink and purple. We swirled the paint inside and came up with these. They're drying now. By Monday I'll be sending them off hopefully. I wrote on the outside 2005 and all our names. Here's a pix of the bub painting it. and while we were doing that the booty was dancing to the Christmas music we had playing. also I thought I would share some goodies I got over thanksgiving. I don't remember if I mentioned we went to my grandma's house and raided her attic and closet for knitting and crochet things. Most stuff we found was yucky rug yarn for pot holders or what ever. We informed her that cotton is better for that type of things...Not that she's making those things anymore. But if she's on crafty jeopardy or something now she knows! LOL anyways here's what I came anyways with... some really awesome fabric. I love the colors. Two crochet hooks sizes I and F I think, and a pair of straight needles size 8 and circular needles size 9. (they're really retro) then you can kinda see on the side the yarn. some ends which are good for the dishcloth KAL I'm a part of. We've been doing different colors. And then some full skeins! and then also some knitted dishcloths SHE made. They're def replacing my horrible store bought dishcloths! Which I never knew how much I hated till we moved here and don't have a dishwasher and are washing things by hand now. homemade is the way to go! How great did I make out? Well if you ask me I love it!
then as if that's not enough my lovely sis gave me this book I love it! I've been making some ankle socks from one of the patterns in there. Actually just using a part of the pattern... You know me picky picky.. LOL it's a great book I love the patterns in it. I'm going to explore it more now that I've got my stuff!
I'm also making myself this hat I found on craftster last night. ok so since I've got some work to do and laundry to do also... So I've got jet.
don't hurt yourself!

so i almost forgot.. to replace my broken stone (see post below) i'm haveing a catalog/online PC show. if you'd like to order leave me a comment with your email and i'll let you know how to order and give me some credit for the order. that would really help me out btw..... so please do!


ladylinoleum said...

You made out girlie! Awesome!

Pamela Foreman said...

Wow! I love the ornaments! Glad you guys had a good time making them. Okay, so I was going to say something else...oh yeah! The stash of yarn and such was great! I wish I could come across something like that! My grandmothers are still using all their stuff. TTFN!