Tuesday, December 27, 2005

10 things I hate about living here

Question of the day: why is it when women are home during the day that they are expected to keep the house clean and orderly doing dishes, floors, beds laundry and anything else that needs doing, yet when a man stays home during the day he doesn't do crap but sit on the couch?

1 working to make ends meet. (not that I mind working just that we're scraping around even though I'm working)
2 throwing money away by renting vs paying to own a house.
3 living in an apartment that is too small for anything and half of our things are in storage at BIL's.
4 paying for laundry and sometimes double for the dryer when my washer and dryer sit in (you guessed it) STORAGE!!!
5 living 12 or more hours away from my family.
6 no friends.
7 no dishwasher.
8 DH working with family
9 living with in 30 min from IL's (there are advantages of this also but it's not what I pictured for our life 2-4 hours away is the closest I think)
10 not having my own walls/front door/yard or much storage in the apartment


Catherine Kerth said...

ughhhh! could you just scream or what! i went on strike one week and did nothing, my DH got the hint and said sorry as he started helping me pick up the house :) sorry you hate it where you live, if ya need to vent email me anytime!

LB said...

Excellent question! Please let me know if/when you find the answer. That really is the riddle of the sexes.

ladylinoleum said...

Oh girlfriend, I'm sorry you're frustrated. Sending you good calming vibes and wishing you myriad joys and wonders in the new year!

Kelly said...

I am sorry things aren't going well for you!!!! I wish I could take you and all of our buds away to a nice vacay somewhere....like Australia?? We could all hang out and drink java and knit/crochet/quilt together. oh and lock all the kids in a padded room together to have at it. LOL Love ya

faraboverubies said...

I don't know the answer to the "men on the couch" question, but I agree. No fair, no fair! This Proverbs 31 thing ain't easy!

Also, I know what it is like living so far away from home. But it does have it's blessings! You will find a new appreciation for you family while you are away for them. And you will grow alot as a person, being out of your comfort zone.

Sharon J said...

Having lived in similar conditions, I can totally sympathise with why you're not enjoying living in your apartment. All I can say is that things will get better, and one day you'll look back and laugh at the dreadful apartment you used to live in! I know I do, anyway. I even laugh at the fact that I was once living in a car with three children and a dog! Talk about lack of storage! LOL ~Sharon xx