Wednesday, December 14, 2005

oh holy cow!

hey there i'm actually online... and hopefully for good!

so get ready sit back and look at my pix......

well ok so i don't have that many knitted or crochetted things to show you. but for heavens sake i was MOVING so i was also unpacking and therefore

i didn't get much knitting done. though i did make this scarf.. i'd originally started making it as a feather boa for the bub... but then i lost my really long scarf an since this one is long i decided it would be nice for me to keep my neck warm. i did knit it after all! ok so here's a pix of the bub modeling it for me.....what do you think? ok so i also crochetted these 3 ornaments and i'm debating whether to do more or not.... i haven't decided.. that thread is small! they did go fast though i think i made all 3 of them in like 1-1 1/2 hours or so! anyways note in that last pix of the bub her hair... and now look....she did it herself. well almost. we got a call from her school the other day and the teacher was upset b/c it seems that the bub was secretly cutting her hair as the teacher had her back to her. well she came home looking like a feathered mullet kid it was so funny i was almost peeing my pants. NO is didn't take a pix I KNOW i'm an idiot! so i had to fix it for her and cut it all one length. cute huh? she's only 6 and i think it makes her look so much older. NOT GOOD! anyways. moving right before christmas SUX big time! i can't even begin to explain it. but anyways we're setteling in so that is good!

well anyways i guess i should wrap it up.... i'm sure i'll be on more and more now that we're hooked up!

i'll see you soon!


Journey Queen said...

LOVE Maddy's hair! So stylish! and the glasses too?!?!!? Wow... does she have the boys after her? or is she too smart for them still.... that will even out about her late 20's early 30's!!!! hahahahahahahaha!

Sarah said...

Cute hair!

I made Hannah a scarf like that and it stretched SSSOOOO long!

Megan said...

Love the hair!!