Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas is soooo close and i'm sooo far from done....

I think I’m getting a cold! My throat has been hurting tons! Not good. I don’t want to be sick thru this Christmas!
I got a b-day present from my sis. It’s great it’s a knitting book and I got 2 from my hubby. Yeah I know my b-day isn’t until next month but my sis said I could open hers early and my hubby had send them and they weren’t wrapped so I figured fair game right? I sent a pix in of them! I’m so pumped!
Well I got some knitting done today. The other day I got my order from and I’m going to try felting so I was knitting a practice swatch and I figured I’m not wasting that yarn so I mad a small bag. It will be small when it’s done but I can use it for a gift. So I’m going to attempt making a bigger bag and actually a pair of slippers first. We’ll see how that turns out….i’ll take a before and after pix for sure!
With Christmas coming I’ve gotta get cracking! So gotta go!

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Wendy in CA said...

Merry Christmas, Starknits! I've been knitting since 1998. I'm a homeschool Mom who is a Christian, and I was so excited to find out there are other Christian Knitters that are blogging out there! It took me a while to find you all!
I hope you feel better before Christmas and just wanted to say "hi!" I was also in Germany a long time ago, stationed in the military (Baumholder and Wiesbaden AFB). My only regret was that I didn't travel more, but then again, I didn't have children at that point.
Hope you have a wonderful, Christ-filled holiday!