Sunday, December 12, 2004


Hey this is my first blog ever. Not really sure what's going on though! LOL I figured I'm on the computer enough and when I'm not I'm knitting so I should join the two!
Anyways My name is Allena, I just learned to knit like a couple of months ago. My Lil Sis got me interested when she sent me a hat she made my daughter. (she's 2 months old) I'm married to a military man. He's deployed right now. :( We have 2 daughters the Bub (5) and the Beady. that's a pix of them i put on here! We're living in Germany right now. (so a lot of my posts may be complaining about how long the mail takes, I've got to order everything on the net) We've been here for over 2 years now. And we only have 1 left! We're so looking forward to moving back to the States!
We go to a great church here! I've made many friends here. One's I'd prayed for and finally made when I moved here. PTL! Check out their website
I'm a big crafter I can do a lot with my hands! I love it!
anyways I guess this is all I do is write and then I post and my blog is up. Not real sure how it works! I'm just getting the hang of this blog thingy. anyways I'm looking forward to getting to know other knitters and interacting with them on the net!
well take care until next time.......

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KnitnMomofboys said...

I'll be adding a link to your blog from my blog - congrats on starting this new venture! If you need help, drop me a note!! :)