Sunday, December 26, 2004

That is the coolest Knitting gift i got for Christmas! it's a bag with compartments for the yarn needles and notions and side pockets for magazines or books. and a big inside pocke for what ever else you want to put in there. It's the best!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. mine was okay i went to my friend kelly's house (she's the one who gave me the bag) it's hard with out all your family and your hubby being gone. not soo fun on that part but a bunch of us gals got together and had a "family" Christmas. so it was good. i haven't posted for a while wich i feel totally bad about. i've almost finished some of the stuff. like those felted slippers all i've gotta do is felt them.....i'll send before and after pix...LOL
Knitting is going good. i got to talk my family yesterday and my inlaws today. it was good to talk with my younger bro who i haven't seen in 3 years. he's in the marines so we always just miss each other. not so fun. he's getting stationed in Korea soon so he's not too excited about that. please pray for him! i appreciate it!
well i should try to get some sleep.
TTYL that is if anyone is reading LOL

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