Sunday, December 19, 2004

Addicted to Knitting!!!

Okay so I'm totally knitting like crazy today......Could it be that I'm addicted? Or just running out of time? Maybe both! LOL who knows these days. With only 5 days left.........ARUGH! LOL I've been watching DR Quinn season 2 and just a knitting away btwn and during nursing that is....LOL Ya know it's like you start one of those DVD's and can't stop until it's all done with all 4 episodes....oh well I'm getting done though! BUT I'm totally still waiting for my circular needles! ARUGH! I need them to make those felted slippers I wanna make for my friend......Maybe I should find a patter not using circular....but then I don't want to have to seam them...not that it would be bad though...I'm going searching! all my yahoo groups I'm emailing them....LOL I know they'll come thru!
Tomorrow a bunch of us gals from church and our kiddos, (cause who can go anywhere without them? we love them so much!) are going to Ikea! I'm excited It's my 1st time ever! it's supposed to be great!
well I should get back to DR Quinn and Knitting!
TTYL (all of you who are out there that is) LOL

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