Wednesday, December 15, 2004

need more COFFEE!

Today I tried to sleep in but the phone just wouldn’t stop ringing. I’d forgotten to bring the phone upstairs last night and when my friend called I didn’t answer it and went back to sleep for a while…or tried too. I have a voicemail that calls to notify you that you’ve got a message and it just about calls every 5 min….ARUGH! sooo annoying so I didn’t sleep in much. b/c Madison comes in “MOM are you going to get the phone? Because it KEEPS ON RINGING” LOL she cracks me up! I guess that’s what I get for not walking this AM! LOL. I got my order from today so I’m super excited! i love yarn! LOL of course I do since I love knitting
Anyways check out this website under patterns is a booga bag pattern( it's free) click on it (the words at the bottom). pretty cool bag i’m thinking about making one! I found a pattern for some felted slippers that I want to make for my friend who’s house is super cold! I hope that they turn out! My friend Danielle let me borrow her Dr Quin series on DVD so I’ve been watching them knitting away. I’m about ½ way done with that sarf I’m making and I’m starting another present (the slippers) tonight. here i go to watch DR Quin again love that show!
well i need to get going baby crying must nurse! TTYAL (that is if anyone is reading these)

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