Sunday, December 24, 2006


For Christmas we drove all day Sat and arrived at my parents house around 5:30 or so. As a HUGE surprise to them when we came to the door. They knew nothing. (my sister was in on it) and they were so surprised. This pix is a posed pix b/c I forgot in all the excitement to take a pix of their faces when we rang the doorbell. At first it didn't register that we were there they just looked at us and then WOAH HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??!!! It was so fun!

Today after church we went to the LYS that my sister teaches a few classes and shops regularly at. The lady who owns it also has lamas and she spins their wool and sells the yarn.. It's awesome. They are lovely aren't they? I wanted one of everything and I wasn't able to get that so reluctantly I left empty handed. I so wish I had something similar near me. I must still search! The lamas are sooo cute! I will now call them the kissing lamas here's a pix of jess being kissed by one. I guess if you hold your head down they come over and "kiss" it. Rather cute! I'm so happy I was able to come and visit. I must go spend time with the family. I also have to finish my nephew's Lion that I'm making him. I have to have it done by tomorrow morning. Yes I'm that much of a procrastinator.. Sigh... I'm off to right all wrong... er something like that.

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Pamela Foreman said...

So glad you could make it! I know it was a short trip, but glad you were able to go!