Thursday, March 12, 2009

B is for Beautiful

Over at Ravelry Project 365 we're doing an ABC challenge. and today I have B.
I've got 2 beautiful girls (thank my dh for that), the bub and the bead. so that fits with B also... it was a beautiful day yesterday too. Today it was yucky cold again.
The girls were "painting" with their chalk. they scribble a big patch (outside of the photo) and then use some paint brushes to paint a pix in another part of the driveway. pretty funny. they also like to use the paint brushes in the sandbox to uncover fossils. but someone left the lid off the sandbox and the sand got wet and yucky. so I've got to get new sand this year. I'm thinking about buying some fossil toys and some shells and hiding it in the sand box with the new sand.... how fun will that be for them when they're at the "dig" LOL.
not sure where I'd find some fossil toys though.
any ideas? TIA

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Pamela Foreman said...

They are too cute! They are growing up like crazy!

You might find some sand toys that you'd use to make shapes and hide them. You can find they at the dollar store. HTH!

We have to get new sand too. Apparently our top has a slight hole in it!