Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What did I eat?

look what i got in the mail yesterday

pretty neat huh? see the chibi just patiently waiting by the bottom right of the box? while iwas opening up the stuff i took some pix... yes i'm a little weird... Well for all ya'll who don't really know what a chibi is and are afraid to ask...here ya go! enjoy!

Meet Chibi
Chibi hungry!
look Chibi found yummy needles...

Chibi loves needles....

whoops Chibi gobbled up his bent tip needles he came with!
wait Chibi still hungry!

Sneaky Chibi he spied other needles.

yumm dig in Chibi
don't fret needles like Chibi!

Happy Chibi
now back to your regular blogging....sorry soo weird today!


jessica said...

your so funny and wonderfully weird:) i loved the chibi "show". good luck on your ss project! ttyl

Violet said...

Too funny!

Jack said...

Hi Allena -

Thanks for stopping by my blog today - I've decided to go around spreading some cheer and happiness to others since my blog has been kinda negative lately.

I love your Chibi story. I got a Chibi a few weeks ago and it is so wonderful and convenient.

Have a great day!

- Brooke

Heide said...

Hi there! I saw your message on the RAOK list about living in Germany... I'll probably be taking my first trip to Munich in a week or 2, then I'll be going at least once a month for the next 6 months. Wow! Next week I start some intensive German language training so I can communicate with my non-English speaking employees over there. It should be exciting!

kmckiernan said...

What a cute little chibi story, good chibi, good! I just received a little raok'y package in the mail today from you. I'm going to post a pic tonight but first and foremost I just wanted to say thank you! Everything is wonderful, I love love love the wonderful cream and the gorgeous yarn and sweet smelling candles! When I go home I'm going to light the candles and have some relaxing knitting time,
Thanks again! =)

Ruth said...

too funny! hehe