Thursday, April 28, 2005

Not a Secret any more!!!

YIPPIE! is all i can say I'm so pumped! i got an email from my SP4 the other day and she wanted to know if i wanted to know who she was before the 30th or after in may some time. LIKE i'd want to wait! Of course not! I already loved my SP4 without knowing who she was b/c how can you NOT like someone who sends you goodies? (or rather how can I not like) So today i got an email with her blog addy and all i can say is i am sooo excited to meet her finally properly that is!
here's her blog check her out!
well that's all for now folks
until next time.........
same bat channel same bat time...well around there
happy knitting!

1 comment:

jessica said...

thats cool you found out! i wondered how she had found my blog, now i read hers regulary. its all so clear now!