Sunday, April 17, 2005


THANK YOU all for your comments on my blog i try to get to your blogs or email you back but sometimes i'm really slow at that! but i love reading the comments it's wonderful!
i forgot to mention the other day that i WON a prize for going to the reintegration family day they had when my DH first got back from Iraq. so the other day they call me saying hey you won come get it. i got some italian wine and a cd not the one pictured. it was crappy stuff so i took it to the power zone and traded it for Matthew West :Happy. i like it sooo far i've only listened to it 2 times so i can't tell you for sure!

see my awesome bright new table cloth. even though it looks like blue that's purple very bright colors! i like it alot but that BEAST that lives with us (aka the cat) already got up on the table and ripped it. ARUGH i'm aggrivated b/c she's not allowed on the table and get's squirted for it. along with the cabnets. arugh it's unsanitary.
she's been meowing to go outside so we'd had the door open and she went out and then I closed the door, well let me tell you she howled (oh boy did she) so i opened the door and she ran back in with a huge busy tail and hasn't meowed to go out since. ok if that wasn't a huge tangent i don't know what is. anyways look here's a pix of the beautiful Pam and one of the things i gave her (my fav) it's a Rebozo. you tie it around you and put the baby in. check out (i think that's the site....) i really enjoy mine.

now baby showers are fun. at least the one's i've been too. now why when you mention the name men all of the sudden freak out? yesterday it was supposed to be a shower for couples. but the guys go uhh if he's not going to be there i'm not staying. almost every husband said that yesterday it was funny! but like i said you mention the words baby and shower together and UHH i got something to do......
so they just think Guys don't go to showers.....but in reality their fear of celebrating the baby's coming, creates the myth that men don't go to showers. when if they just went they'd have fun! i mean really there's food and games and prizes! and presents! LOL speaking of good things....
NOTE: if you are weak of heart or weak in the Knees please sit before reading on.......
so i'm always talking about the bookstore they don't ever have any knitting mags or books. well this week they decided to prove me wrong. LOOK!!!

I told you to sit! LOL i know i was shocked too! the magazine i went and was surprised to see them they had maybe 2. then today i walked in thinking well i'll check for At Knit's End but i doubt they had it and so i looked and looked and looked then when i'd just about given up hope waaaayyyy in the corner i spied it and squealing with glee i grabbed it so that anyone around me wouldn't (not that there was anyone close to me) though my squealing caused a guy looking at the travel books to look at me and wonder what planet i'm from..... lol oh well i'm happy so i happily bought it along with other books one for maddy an strawberry shortcake book and bella a fabric book that she's already slobered all over and claimed for her self. LOL and a cute book for my Secret Sister from church. our reveal is coming up on teh 30th and i think she already may know who I am... my DD already gave it away some. and can you believe it I still don't know who my SS is or who my SP4 is.... i'm anxious to recieve her next spoil me thingy! I LOVE surprises but i also love finding out things like a detective....LOL anyways off to start reading the wonderful new book i picked up.... i'll chat at ya'll later
happy knitting!


Lisa said...

I used this site to make the sock blockers-- I love them for taking pictures and showing off my socks!

Danielle said...

Wow you found good reading. I still have not found the book here in Oregon. But I have only checked a place or two.

Maybe if you told husbands you were going to a bbq for the new baby or a furniture assembly party for the baby they might attend. I agree it has something to do with the word Shower and baby put together.


Kate said...

Hi Allena!

That new issue of VK is practically sold out everywhere in the world!! I'm glad you found a copy.

Ruth said...

hi allena,
my husband is the exact same way! even when he is invited to a shower, he has to check with all the other husbands to see if they are going too LOL! (btw, i just ordered the book via amazon last week, can't wait to read it)