Thursday, April 21, 2005

Life thru the eyes of a 5 year old...

So on our vacay a while ago I gave Maddy a camera. here's a pix of her and her BFF (maddy's in red) The reason this is sooo late is b/c i just got back the film from the place i sent it out too. or rather i just remembered to pick it up and then finally got around to putting the pix from the disk to the puter.....YES I'm a bit slow at these things.

Of course when you give a kid a camera....well you see.

still a pretty cool pix though!
and a pix of the fam in the elevator

and what big sis couldn't resist to take a pix of her Lil sis?

remember that carriage ride we took? check out the scenery of this one!

I meant the mountians...not the butts....LOL
on this trip we also got a waterproof camera and went swimming. sadly whom ever thought to make the camera waterproof wasn't so smart as to put a flash on the camera so most of the pix were kinda dark. so we went swimming at the pool in Amberg... and we finished up the film there. here's a pix of the lovely babe we call bella.....

ok on the Knitting front... i almost had a heart attack....i have been knitting some washclothes for my Secret Sister from church. (our reveal is coming up) and i went to finish and GASP on of the needles was missing... I KNOW!
it was under the fault for leaving it down low. and i recovered all the stitches so NO worries. Now to finish before the 30th....arugh why oh why am i such a procrastinator.
i wanted to inform Keri of that she won my little contest of guess what i'm making the other day... i'm sending her a package! so Keri, be expecting it! just a little thanks for stopping by and a few goodies to enjoy! at least i hope you do! I've also been working on some true RAOK things to send out. true i mean by not doing a contest just reading a blog and thinking HEY i'll send this person something. so those will be sent out soon also! other than that i've been knitting on that sock for's my 1st sock and sadly it's not so good as everyone else who has ever knitted a sock before. i'll have to post pix later on..... i'm also knitting away on miss dashwood for my dd i'm hoping to be done before her 18th b-day...LOL but seriously i've gotta just knit on one thing till i'm done.....
yeah we'll see how that goes
Happy Knitting

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kmckiernan said...

Yeah!!! Thank you so much, I can't believe I won the contest! *does a little happy dance around the room* Thank you Thank you! I love the pictures of your family in germany. My husband and I were hoping he would be PCSing to Germany, but no such luck. They sent him to Ft.Stewart GA instead, and then deployed him! Who knows, maybe when he comes back we'll get to transfer somewhere else.