Friday, April 15, 2005

something Blue and something Green

Look what came in the mail for me! HMMMM what could it be.

Yes that's a blue box!
well I can tell you it's not something I expected.
My DH bought me this

pretty ain't it? I thought so and I was very surprised. he said it was just because or for mothers day.... I Choose just because b/c that just sounds better doesn't it? LOL
I'm still sad that my spongebob tin was missing I went to one of the stores closest to where I left it to see if they had it... Unfortunately they looked at me like I was crazy....bummer
oh remember this?

those of you who guess miss dashwood from surprise were totally right. I'm making it with cotton and tweeking it by not doing the ear flaps for a floppy summer sun hat for this cutie pie's head

i'll be drawing (names outta a hat) at random for those of you who guess correctly I'll let you know soon who won! I have to admit since there were so few who guessed I may just send ya'll something...... I haven't decided yet! we'll see.
today I have a baby shower to go to! how exciting! I am pumped! my friend Pam is the lucky mom. now it's not her first and most people think throwing a baby shower for the 2nd or 3rd baby is well not supposed to be a go. Ya know just 1st babies should be special. Now WHY should only the 1st be special? I ask you? I happen to think that baby's being a gift from God should be celebrated. no matter what order they come in. (and we wonder why us middle children have complexes that we NEVER get anything LOL) plus most people I know could benefit from extra free stuff for their baby. even if it's just diapers. those jokers are expensive! and lets not even go to the breastfeeding topic. (I'm already annoyed with most people over that) Boobs are functional not just decoration. ok like I said I won't go there.
so like I was saying a baby shower. and she's been having contractions lately I shoulda started a contest of if we're going to see the baby at the shower or there after....HMMM that would be funny! I'm sure most of the men there would freak. but maybe not b/c it's not thier wife I know pam's DH would probably freak. LOL it's funny to see dads in action. I really like seeing them with their little girls. LOL esp when they are wanting to do "beauty shop" lol with all the hair clippies in their hair. or playing tea party with them. LOL it's cute. I know when I catch my DH doing that I fall in love all over again!
anyways gotta get going baby shower to get ready for!
happy knitting!


jessica said...

Thats so sweet that he got you a ring! i just went to knitty and looked at that hat. its going to be so cute on her!!! i cant wait to see it:)

Ruth said...

i agree - so sweet of your DH to get you a ring, and a beautiful one at that too. have fun at the baby shower! thanks for stopping by my blog!

Colette said...

Very pretty ring - like your hubby's style. Your daughter will look adorable in that hat.