Thursday, April 14, 2005

sad sad day

Today I'm soooo sad! I lost my spongebog squarepants tin. well it's not the tin that is important. it was what's inside. all my little knitting handmade stitchmarkers, my needles my **SOB**CHIBI that beth sent cable needles, my smal scissors, and some other things that i know i'll remember when i need them. all gone. and why you may ask b/c i'm a forgetful little one i am! waaaaahh! I was knitting you see on a bench waiting for my DH's haircut to finish and my appt time to come. and then i got up to go get my hair trimmed (yes it looks nice) and forgot to grab it. still sitting on the bench. (or so my DD swears that she saw it there) and i have to trust her b/c what child can forget spongebob except me that is... i'm going to go tomorrow to check and see if my tin is in the lost and found and i'm praying it is! so there is a small sparkle of hope there.
sooo sad... ***SNIF ***

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jessica said...

Thats a bummer. I hope you find it! if not i can send you some replacements, like the chibi... and whatever else you can't get over there. hey did you ever get a yarn winder?! we do have them at our lys for about $30... its the swifter (i think thats what its called) that is expensive... i think its $70... anyways ttyl :) happy knitting to all!