Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Save The Boobs!!

Hey there are you doing your part? I just sponsored Nancy over at in her 3 day walk. you can too! click her link and then click her knit one walk three pix to sponsor! come on it only takes 5 min to sponsor someone and we all know someone who has boobs so why not get in there and help fight the war on cancer?
ok on to knitting i'm done decreasing my heel/gusset (don't really know what it's called) on my numero uno sock. then it's on to the next... as soon as i finish it! LOL
look at me
pink aluminum
You are pink aluminum.
Retro, straightforward and fun, you love classic
things. If they're 99 cents at Goodwill all the
better! You are moved by striking colors and
tasty morsels, and you like a stitch-n-bitch
session in the sun. Just remember, while
you're being kitschy cool, don't get too cold.
Ice cubes are best kept in your cocktails,

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by

yup that sounds like me....i heart goodwill!!! and i miss it oh sooo much. don't get me wrong the VCSC thrift shop here is ok but it's not goodwill. snif. enough i'm not complaining. i'm not! we went to the thrift shop today and got a cute sweater for bella as a jacket b/d the one she's using now has velcro and scratches her chin up. so now i got (for $1) mind you or i would've knit it myself. it has buttons. oh so cute! see look

very cute! did i mention that the other day we went to the zoo we like the zoo! we went and saw the dolphins. i tried snapping pix of them flipping and such but this is what i got!

still pretty cool huh? this is the last week of my DH's leave... so we've been chillin and doing things together like the rest of his leave. he likes the zoo as much as i do. plus maddy enjoyed it. our friend Duane and Daylin came with us. their son kept falling and busting up his lip or mouth or teeth. poor kiddo. (he's 1 1/2) i felt sooo bad. it was fun seeing him look at the animals he was like woah just standing there all cute! speaking of cute look at the girls. we got them dresses that match. and i know i said i'd never to that and this is the last time. they were on sale so good thing b/c see those flowers. they fell off annoying! but makes for a cute pix huh?

well enough of jabbering off your ears.
happy knitting
go and save the boobs!


Beth said...

Hey Allena - love the pic of the girls - SO CUTE! My girls are 13, 8 and 4 yo and I still dress them alike for the holidays. In fact, we've even gotten my nieces (7 and almost 2yo) in on the action. I'll try to scan a couple of pix & post them on my blog so you can see.

kath red said...

You have some lovely children - love the photos you have been posting.

Nancy said...

Thanks so much for getting the word out about the walk! It's greatly appreciated!!

The photo of the girls is absolutely adorable! I also love the dolphin photo. It's almost surreal. Very cool!