Friday, April 8, 2005

jibber jabber and a contest!

Does anyone else get sick of their blog template as fast as i do? i wanna make one of my own but i've got no clue how to even start that.... that's just a random thought BTW... well kinda
SO what have i been craving lately? just take a look all that yummy goodness!

I think it's the combination of the PB and the chocolate! YUM
as i promised here's a pix of the scenery from edelweiss! beautiful huh? this pix was taken just as the sun was getting ready to start setting. soooo pretty! Amazing what God has created!

so yesterday we went swimming. i'd bought a waterproof disposable camera on our vacay to take pixl in the water.. DUH! lol so i finished it up yesterday at the pool and now i've gotta take it to be developed.... they have a 2 hour (supposidly) place to develop here but it's totally cracked on prices. i mean really and it's not really 2 hours it's more like 2 days.... and i'm sure you're thinking how can they do that promise 2 hours then take 2 days with out going under... well it's probably b/c people like me are stupid enough to go there. (it probably also has something to do with that they're contracted thru aafes too but i'm not too clear on that part) then just last night we stopped at the shopette to rent a movie and quench our munchies after church (it's missions confrence week) and what did i see.......... a little place to drop of film for way under 1/2 the price of the cracked place in the PX mall area. using the term mall lightly that is. don't get excited we really don't have a mall here.. well there's talk of a german on in regansburg but i've not been there so i can't tell you if that's true or not. anyways so with this waterproof film i think i'll go with shopette drop off we'll see how it works out!
for all of you out there not sure what a shopette is... it's basically a gas station along with a liquor store and a movie rental place for us military folk. oh and the PX is the department store minus the garden, electronics, movies, toys part....oh nevermind you probably don't care on with my post.....
Did i mention after swimming i went to that LYS i found a couple posts ago and look! i remembered the camera and took a pix.

UHHH i was tooo chicken to take a pix inside b/c well it's like really small and i don't speak enough german to even begin to know how to ask if i could pix the place up for my blog.... so you get too see it from the outside.... cool huh? YES it is! i was there b/c the swimming pool isn't far from there and i needed to get 2.5mm DPN's for my DH's socks b/c the bigger 3.5mm ones were well too big...

Oh look that purple wonder is one of my finished washcloths! pretty isn't it? well i think it's quite nice. i'm going to make more to try different stitches and techniques! smart huh?
yesterday i casted on for this........ well i'm not going to tell you lets make it a

can you tell what it is? i'm not going to tell you, i told you that already. if you can guess it i'm going to pick at random someone to send a little somen' somen' to! so just leave a comment or email me with your answer. ( i know i don't allow anonomys comments but that's b/c then i get nasty posts and spam sorry) and kelly (pizzyknits) you're not allowed to guess b/c you already know b/c i told you! which BTW it's coming along nicely! i'll have to show you later.
so yeah my friend pam finally gave me her blog addy.... here it is check it out she crochets! so she's smart with the puter i think i'm going to have her come and help me make a new template all my own! speaking of all my own on the RAOK list some ladies are talking about their own buttons... so i'm looking at the sites they posted about them to make my own.. we'll see. soon you'll be able to take a star knits button home with you free of charge! wonderful huh? (that is if i can figure it out)
well anyway gotta get to the commisary (aka grocery store) TTYAL
happy knitting


kmckiernan said...

Hi, Well I must say you have me stumped. I'm betting that is a picot CO but I can't tell what it is. I'm just going to say HAT, it kinda looks like the start to Miss Dashwood. =) Happy Knitting.

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for the RAOK! :-)

I'm horrible at guessing WIPs, so I won't even try. But I can't wait to see it as it progresses.

Oh, and your pic of the peanut butter cups has my mouth watering!


jessica said...

Whatever it is i bet its going to be cool! i'm going to guess a baby sweater. i would have said a hat... but its already been taken. pretty colors though:) i still havent picked up my needles yet, hopefull i'll get to soon, then i can start blogging again! ttyl

Erica said...

Ooh... The Phildar store-I'm dying to get there. Just wanted to say "hi". I'm over in Schweinfurt. There's actually a few of us army knit bloggers running around in DE. Happy knitting!

Lynne said...

Well, now, I'm guessing Miss Dashwood, the hat. Lovely yarn, lovely peanut butter cups, too!

Lynne said...

(that is, lynne as in