Tuesday, April 5, 2005

T. M. I.

Ok so I've been gone sooo long that I've got soooo much to talk about that it's probably tooo much info for Ya'll.... so bear with me! first I want to share with you I finally finished my DH's hat

and I'm not thrilled with it. decreasing a single rib is not pretty...infact it looks yucky. so I'm going to make him another one that it's double ribbed and will look much better decreased! But my DH likes it... and it's not so cold to wear it but I got him to wear it the other day while we were on our little vacay!

Don't mind the crazy person wearing the hat...he's just goofy. As you can tell by our tourist sweatshirts....we're at Edelweiss. it's an AFRC resort for military people. (AFRC = Armed Forces Recreation Center) it's in Germany near beautiful mountains that I kept snapping pic of them b/c they were just that pretty! but I didn't post one b/c I figured that this post has so many pix you're in sensory overload by now. and I'm not even half way done.....arugh run away run away screaming!
LOL ok now to catch your attention again and call you back to the dark side:Look what I got in the mail yesterday! Knitting BOOKS!

The kids knitting is way cool I got it for my DD so that as she wants to knit she has some colorful knitting photos to look at. the Last min gift is everything you've heard about it and more. I've already got a mental list in my head of what I want to make from it.... starting with a cardigan for a baby. who knows where we'll go from there. The hot knits...is HOT!!! some really sexy sweaters in there...I can't wait to make one...but which one I'm not sure yet......plus you know me (well I'm sure you can gather from my posts) I'm really good at making things for other people not so good at doing it for myself....oh well it's fun to make things for other people. speaking of making things for other people
***ATTENTION ***I've just turned my first heel.
(begin happy dance now)

and unfortunately I don't really know how I did it. I totally didn't understand the directions so I just kinda looked at the heel flap and made it up and then repositioned the stitched according to the directions.....I need some one to show me maybe at my next Knit Wit's meeting coming up on the 28th! anyways so you can see the sock on a foot.... I put it on hopefully I didn't ruin it.
Yes I was in the car and I'm one of the lucky people who DON'T get sick doing things in the car. see the car in front of us...hey that's the autobahn.... Experience the German Highway. BTW there isn't a speed limit only a recommended speed limit of 120 K or 70-75 MPH so don't get all excited at zooming at speeds that are super fast. Oh you can stop the happy dance now...un less you want to keep it up look here!

my friend Danielle picke these up for me on her recent trip to the States..... they're glass beads for me to make things with... what I've not decided but you can bet some stitch markers are going to be on the top of that list!
LOL I just realized I'm one of those annoying people who use ! a lot! arugh I've gotta stop that!!!!! OH and she also picked me up some dowel rods to make well you can guess look.....

NO I'm not Buffy and I don't slay vampires....LOL but I do Knit and I'm trying to make knitting needles.... i'll keep you posted as to my progress. Oh as a side note in that kid's knitting book pictured above there's directions in there to make needles and kool aid dye yarn....but I got the idea of making my own needles from this site...http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id40.html .check it out!
Oh and here's a funny pix of the girls from edelweiss... bella's just fasinated with her tongue..

pretty cute huh? My friend Diane gave me the idea of giving Maddy a camera (disposable of course) to take pix to make a scrapbook of our vacay.. we got the pix back yesterday and they are funny! I got them on a disk but I've not uploaded them to the puter yet so i'll have to share them some other time. she was sooo happy to do that. and when we got home I found a camera with pix left on it from who knows when so I'm letting her finish the roll and then we'll get the film developed. Oh and just so you don't leave my post feeling in want look what other yarn I got..from herrschners.. it was on sale! I love a good sale

they're pretty spring colors I think I may make bella a cute spring hat or something. I haven't decided yet.... oh and I also got this yarn

which you can see I've already started knitting it. it's a very pretty purple. I'm making washcloths with it for my final secret sister gift at my church.... OH CRAP I hope she doesn't read this.. oh well... it's turning out really pretty. it's a basket weave this one is. I'm not sure what I'm going to make next. I figured I could practice some stitches that look hard or get better at knitting by making washclothes....
well look at this....

NO more pix that must mean I'm done with my post.... I guess I should catch up on my RAOK reads b/c we've just got a ton and I mean a TON of new members. soooo exciting! Oh and my friend Pam finally started a blog but she's not shared her blog addy with me yet b/c she said she want's to get it looking the way she wants and stuff. so when she does I'm linking her here so all ya'll who read this can check her out too! well I've gone on long enough... off to read or maybe knit... we'll see
happy knitting

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Michele said...

Hi Allena, Congratulations on your first heel turn. They're so much fun you may get hooked!

Thanks for your comments over on my blog. The fuzzy feet are for my two cousins (there's a green pair not shown) - two grown men who still like to have handmade slippers just like Grandma used to make!

Sounds like you have a very busy but very cool life over there. I can't wait to read more.

Take good care and happy knitting!