Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pure knitting joy!

I found my Knit Wits Club card (the name of our local knitting circle/get together) and i'm #007 so from now i'll only answer to Bond.....James Bond that is...LOL J/K
So yesterday i was this far on my 1st sock ever i'm getting ready to start the heel flap......

i'm knitting it on two circ needles.... i'm debating if i like doing that way.. since it's the first time i've done so....well i will just have to try another way.
Today we went to Amberg b/c my DH wanted to check out a skater shop... and I wanted to see if we could find a LYS.. i'd gotten at tip at last week's Knit Wits...and guess what
I FOUND IT!!! Oh what joy i was doing a happy dance and look what i brought back!!

the regia is self stripping sock yarn.... in germany's own colors but my DH got all excited that it was the Pittsburgh Pirates colors so i'm making him some socks... if i can only find a pattern, i'm looking right now.
the catania color is purples and greens for myself! sooo pretty! it's cotton and so pretty.did i mention that already? oh and the needles are for me to try out.... we'll see if i like them or not. i'm still not sure.
anyways i'm thinking i need a ball winder but i have NO CLUE where to start looking or what i'm really looking for any help would be greatly appreciated!
well i'm off to hunt for patterns for my very very picky DH LOL
happy knitting all


kmckiernan said...

Hi! I love my Royal Wool Winder. I bought mine from http://store.purlsoho.com/purl/products/accessories_notions_list/17
but you can find them on ebay too. They usual retail new for about $36, but sometimes I've seen them used for $20. They come in handy, everything winds up so fast, before I used to have a ton of knots in my balls but not anymore. Plus it keeps it organized for storing. Have fun!

Renee said...

Those are some great buys! Looking forward to seeing the socks you make.

Violet said...

Did I totally freak you out the other day on Yahoo messanger? hehe! First time I had ever talked to someone I know from RAOK :)

Nice colors for your socks. Looking forward to seeing some soon!

jessica said...

Hi there! I finally got on the computer to check e-mail and stuff... I could get you a ball winder from my lys... i'm not sure how they are but i'll check it out and let you know... Joe really liked that you had a pic of your DH skating :) We are all doing good, and can't wait to get your package! ttyl Happy knitting!