Monday, March 28, 2005


look isn't this the neatest pix?

well i thought it was! it's my DH doing an ollie...i can't remember if he's going up or down... oh well cool pix anyways. so that's what we did on saturday! it was fun here's bella doing her thang.....

and a pix of maddy and her Dad rolling thier

i of course was knitting! LOL what else is there to do btwn Hey momma look at me and hey did you see that...and waaaa...LOL it was fun though!
so then we came home and dyed eggs! maddy was having some fun!

you may notice that in many pix maddy is wearing dresses... well it's just because she loves to wear them..not anything that i do mind you. i personally like to wear jeans... but maddy she just loves to wear dresses and the more they flare out when she twirls around in a circle the better! LOL it's really funny if you ask me.
anyways this is a short but sweet post here. i hope all had a wonderful easter!
happy knitting!

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