Saturday, October 7, 2006

How to hurt your back

So this past week I've been busy. On Tuesday I decided to paint my kitchen. We had the paint down in the basement so why not right? I'd picked out the color when we first moved in and then hadn't give it much thought. As I was painting it I was loving it and now every time I walk into the kitchen I LOVE IT! It's crazy how a color can just change your mood! I started this venture on Tuesday and only painted 2 of the 4 walls in our kitchen. I didn't paint anything on Wednesday b/c that is our busiest day. So Thurs I was going to finish but to get ready for the rest of the kitchen I first had to do some re-arranging. To start I was going to move some of my craft supplies upstairs to my bedroom but to make a place for them, I needed to re-arrange my bedroom. So as I was doing that I hurt my back. And I wasn't able to finish painting the kitchen, or re-arranging the guest room. I did however finish our bedroom (for the most part) But I am also angry at myself for not listening to my body. And not lifting with my legs... Well you know I'll be listening next time that's for sure.
Look, I made a scarf, and I'm working on another one too. They're for my Crochet classes at Michaels. I was un-willing on line with Wendy. I "met" her after posting about my classes the other day. She also teaches crochet and knitting at her Michaels. And we got to talking b/c Michaels doesn't tell you what you have to teach etc. So we were talking about how it is hard to come up with exactly how to teach. So after talking with her I decided to change my classes for Oct and Nov to making scarves. Wendy changes here's monthly. I'd never even thought of that! So smart! So it got me thinking with the colder weather coming up what do you need? Now I don't like fun fur but many people who come to my classes to and they want to know how to make scarves... sooo the purple fuzzy scarf on the left is the result of that... It's a curly q/squiggly scarf I adapted the pattern I found here. I used totally different yarn than they asked for and a different hook and I added about 50 more stitches. And I'm pondering if I should've made it wider.. It's a simple pattern so it was easy to adj to what I wanted. I'm also working on another scarf that I'm making up. I wanted to make them to show at Michaels for people to look at. I think for Dec and Jan we'll be making hats. What do you think? What did you like when you learned how to knit or crochet? I'm always looking for ideas to improve so leave a comment LMK. Thank you I'd appreciate it.
anyways that's what my week was like. Crazy yet not so. It's getting colder here. We actually turned the heat on. how about where you live?


Wendy said...

One thing about changing it up every class is that you might get people who just want the companionship take your class every time.

Fun fur is hard to work with for a beginner's project as you can't see your stitches, but it is true that a lot of beginner's love using it.

Pamela Foreman said...

THe scarf is great! I love working with fun fur! I just have another plain yarn with it and it makes it sturdier. I made two for the girls and they are the hit of the block!!

The kitchen is great! I can't wait to see it in person!!! Get some rest before doing the rest of it.

Miss you!

Allena said...

oh yes the scarf shown is for the advanced beginners...

Garnet said...

I learned to crochet at a Michael's! The lady who taught our class charged $5.00 per class. I think the first class we paid through Michael's and the rest we paid to her. But anyway, she tought both Knitting and Crocheting. If you were a beginner she would help you through Michaels and help you buy stuff for the project you wanted to make. Then she would teach you the indiviual stiches. Then she would help you read the pattern. Once she started with you, you could come back weekly for the fellowship or just when you needed help. She had a beginner/intermideate class one night and an intermideate/advanced class another! It was a lot of fun to sit and enjoy the time together! Also a few of my yarn places have a get together night and our local coffee/dessert shop (FlyingStar!) has a group called "Bitch & Stich" that meets at the coffee shop for a night of crocheting/knitting and talking!