Monday, October 2, 2006

Forgetful me.

As you know I teach crochet at my local Michaels. I also just added a Knitting socks class. I'm so pumped about it I hope I get some people signed up for it! Saturday was my store's fall sign up. The class instructors who could make it, demonstrated what they taught. This was so people could see what is available and then sign up for a class. I met some wonderful people. I think I may have gotten hooked into some other hobbies though... LOL I met the beading instructor she was super nice and her jewelry was beautiful. And I met the Bob Ross painting instructor. It was really great watching him. The instructor for the wiltons cake decorating was also there and the one stroke painting class. They were also great. So while I was there I worked on an afghan that I'm crocheting. I also worked on my Socks! (I wanted to get a head start on my socktober.) It was great.
Sunday we went over to some friends to have lunch and watch some football. I also had my socks there. And they're still there. YUP I forgot them what a dork!


Wendy said...

I am teaching knitting and crochet at my local Michaels. Maybe we can compare notes on projects we are teaching, etc. My Michaels isn't giving me very much instruction, so I am just winging it. My email is earthravin at sbcglobal dot net. Wendy :)

Catherine Kerth said...

i teach begginers and sock and magic loop at my LYS... it's great teaching.... i know the excitement you must get before a class ;)

Amy Lu said...

I used to teach tatting at Michael's here. Oh, we could use you here, the knitting teacher at Michael's is dreadful!

Do you subscribe to knit-teachers? It's an email list for knitting teachers. A yahoo group. Just look up "kniteachers" in the yahoo group search. Good luck!