Thursday, October 26, 2006

A parade at night?

Yup that's what we did Tues night. It was a Halloween parade. (pretty cold out there.) as you can tell the girls are all bundled up. But not before dressing up in their costumes. My dh said that no one dresses up but I asked if they wanted to b/c why just have the costumes for one night. They did so we got all dolled up. The bub is an Asian barbie princess and the beady is a unicorn.
I have a pix of the kids at the parade and a little pony to show that there really was a parade at night. I guess it's a tradition here in town. It was fun. There's one for Christmas too so I'm pumped. but I was surprise not one of the clowns or the floats gave out candy. A Halloween parade with out candy?? What's up with that? Well we had fun anyways.
I've also finished a baby hat that I needed to make for a gal I know who's expecting. I'll show you a pix later on. b/c I haven't taken one yet. So I hope you're staying warm and enjoying fall!


Megan said...

Aw, they look adorable!!

Sally said...

Your children are adorable!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!