Thursday, February 7, 2008

Christmas a little late

So Wednesday we got a package in the mail and to my DH's dismay it wasn't for him... it was for me and the girls. (happy dance)
My sister and I both are real procrastinators so we didn't get our christmas presents finished for each other's kids until recently. I sent their gifts out last week you can see what it all entailed here.
So for the bead she got a backpack with a "puggle" as she calls it. Which is really a blue bird but we'll let her call it what she wants. The bag is really cute. you'll have to see Jessica's blog for more details on them. (scroll down a bit) She really likes the bag and the puppet! Thank you Jessica! (sorry for the weird pix she was in a weird mood. )

We had to wait for the Bub to get home for her to open her present. (look I got an action photo she's so surprised!) Jessica made her a bag w/o the puppet. which the Bub Loves. she put it on and didn't take it off the rest of the day. She even put her Awana T&T books in it and used it the rest of the night. Today(friday) before school she put some books in it to read on the way to her accelerated reading feild trip. When I took some pix she wanted to pose ... she cracks me up!

As I was opening the box I said to my DH it smells like coffee, maybe the sent me a pound of coffee. He rolled his eyes a little, still upset that he hasn't gotten his Christmas exchange package. anyways Jessican and Joe surprised me with THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!! Where jessica works they have a coffee roaster and she gets to take a pound home a week I think. well she'd saved 1/2 for me! I took a photo of some of the beans as my projext 365 photo of the day for wednesday. (i'll upload the rest of the week later on) I love it.
I'm not sure how much i'll be around this weekend with Hat Attack starting Saturday and all. I'm sure I'll re-surface once I kill or I'm dead.


jessica said...

I'm so glad they liked them and i'm glad you like the coffee. try and remember which one you like the best... maybe we can bring you some more when we visit... or send you some later in the year... suprise pacakages are always fun! Good luck with the hat attack!

I hope our visit doesn't interfear to much with the hat attack, maybe the guys can be the food makers and we can just sit and knit~! hehehehe

Lil Knitter said...

Nice photo..I can almost smell the coffee.'ve been tagged! See my blog for details.