Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And she's back

We last left our heroin, knitting some mittens for her brother and writing an apology letter.

Tuesday she received some mail from her very close friend.
Actually it was a large box full of clothes for her DD #2 and the most important... YARN! So dreaming of what colors to dye the yarn but postponing the excitement Starknits waits for a friend who said she's coming for a visit and they can dye the yarn together.

Not that she had time to dye yarn anyways with her Sister coming to visit and all. They arrived Wednesday night and shortly there after the knitting started. Jessica is working on a UFO that she vows to finish before 2 more years are up. (lol just kidding Jessica)

Things went ok for a while, but unfortunately as always one if not 2 or more kids were sick on any given day. as it is almost always when ever the family gets together. Someone is always sick and getting everyone else sick. At thanksgiving the culprit was, none other than our wonderful blog owner, Allena. (that's me)

Friday bowing out of work early to get to Sit and Knit at
Knit 1 @ Blacksmith Exchange. (it happens every friday from 1-3 people stop in if your around) The ladies stopped across the street at the Village Cafe for some scrumptious coffee and a delicious wrap. It was a dreary rainy/snowy icky day but in the photo you almost can't tell. Maybe it's the LYS lighting up the day.

Saturday, was a fun half day. The photo of the day was a bribed pix of Leah. She'd been snacking on some bark (the candy variety) and was going to get her hands washed.One couldn't help but crack up. Though, she wouldn't stop and let anyone photograph her. So to get her to pose we were told we had to pay her a "quarder" which is really any kind of coin. 5 cents later we had a few funny photos. This one, if you look closely you can see a few more of the family.

Sunday, the bub got sick at church. (hopefully not spreading the love too much) Leaving promptly and spending the day at home watching all kinds of movies, was how things played out. So knitting took up a lot of time... until the early evening....

Our beautiful heroin
got sick.
But she made it through Sunday night into Monday. Still a bit sick staying home, in
and out of sleep, hardly able to take a photo for the day but managing at the last min. Oreo, didn't look like she was feeling well either.

We'll be back later on this week with more photos to entertain.


jessica said...

I got sick an hour after ariving home on sunday... How's the rest of the fam?! Hope your feeling better by now, I know I'm on the mend:O) oh BTW Love your story, made me laugh! ttyl!

Pamela Foreman said...

Loved the post! Hope that everyone is feeling better. I think we are all good right now. Can't wait to see you guys! Hey, did you get some new furniture?