Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm a little sick. My throat is KILLING me and I've lost most of my voice. It's all raspy and yucky sounding now. luckily I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow. Hopefully he can help me out. I've been sucking on halls and drinking down lemon tea like they're water, yet I still feel like crap! My monday photo I took at work at some of my weapons.

one advantage of being sick I'm knitting like crazy.
(note:this isn't the delirious sick this is just the miserable sick)
I'm almost done with my Child's Placket Neck Sweater! I'm just doing the placket neck part. I thought I could use a flower so I snapped a photo of a stitch marker I'm using. My sister made it for me a while ago....(thanks jess)
I just love using pretty stitch markers. Esp how they dangle and click while knitting. I guess the littlest things amuse me!


jessica said...

Your welcome! Anything to brighten up your day! Wow that sweater is going fast! I hope you feel beter soon!!! Leah just threw up again last night... and isn't feeling well today, I hope its not a re-peat of the flu... oi I dont know if I can deal with it again.

jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Hope your feeling beter by the weekend!

Pamela Foreman said...

The stitch marker is pretty! Hope you're feeling better!

Suzanne said...

Hey there, Hope your feeling better, haven't heard you around lately. Spring is coming!!! Hope your smiling :)