Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This little piggy went all the way home.

I've been really quiet lately and I must say sorry about that. I came down with a cold and I can't seem to get rid of it. my voice is all scratchy and I'm coughing up a lung or so it feels. One advantage of being sick I'm trying to stay home to get better, and that means more knitting/crocheting time. In case you've never noticed I'm such a huge procrastinator. I get so excited about new projects I kinda forget what I'm working on. (Ravelry is really bad for this habit b/c I'm always finding new things I want to make.) Lately though I've told myself I need to finish my WIPs before i start anything new.

One of my WIP is this cute little pig. This little piggy is for a swap. the pattern is piglet (rav link) in the Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute, by Elisabethe A. Doherty. It's a great book. I'm a member of the yahoo group Amigurumi. My partner and I decided since we both had the book we should make something from it. We were supposed to do the swap in the month of February. but my partner and I were super busy so we got our packages out late. Mine is being picked up by the postman tomorrow. I received my package today.

So in trade for my piggy. I found a beautiful wiener dog.(rav link) sooo cute! almost immediately the bead snatched him up and started playing with him. I had to cajole her into letting me take him back for photos.
I hope that she likes my pig and other things I've added to the package.

As for what's next, I've got like 10 more rows (or less) on my child's placket neck sweater (rav link) for the LYS
I hope to have that done by this weekend. Then I need to get to work on my SPS socks. But I can talk about that more later. If you're interested in my project 365 photos you can go check them out on flickr. well that's all she wrote!


Holly said...

Ration yourself (grin).

I am allowing myself TWO new projects for every old one (more than one year in the UFO pile) that gets completed.

That way I still get to start new things, but avoid having to look like startitis on Ravelry. Sanity rule is that you don't post old projects till they come out of the basket!

No,socks don't count, you can always knit socks!

jessica said...

Too cute! love the piggy!

It is sooooo hard not to start new things.... ah for the love of ravelry...

I've got a cold too now...