Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eggs, Easter and a FO

Will you believe me if I tell you that I'm still sick. well I am, and I'm extremely tired.
I'm going to try and distract you from my lack of posting with pix! first is a FO! it's a placket neck sweater from Joelle Hoverson's book Last Min Knitted Gifts. I used Mission Falls 1824 Wool, it's lovely to
work with! i love the pattern, it's a really quick knit. (when you actually work on it that is) I knit this for my LYS.

And since Easter is coming up we have eggs for you!
our church has an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and I signed us up for 6 dozen eggs. so I had a little egg dying
factory going. And they're very serious about it.
we had a lot of fun. I even picked up these thinks called color snaps that basically were hollow Q-tips filled with dye and you snapped off the
tip and then painted your eggs with them. They worked really well. I made a zig-zag one and ended up with a star at the top of the egg. and you know how much I heart stars!
Of course we're going to my Grandma's for Easter, my parents are coming into town along with my uncle and
cousins. it should be a fun Easter. I got some great stuff for the girls baskets and for my DH's basket. I can't wait to hide them. In my family our Easter baskets are always hidden and we have to find them Easter Morning if we want the goodies inside. when we were young they were easy to find but as we got older it got harder and harder. the first year my DH and I were married and went to visit my family he had to search long and hard to find his basket. it was hilarious. It's a fun tradition that we're continuing with our kids. any traditions that you like to carry on?


jessica said...

Have fun with mom and dad! eat lots of candy for me!

we still need to dye eggs... oops!

jessica said...

hey you changed you template!!!