Saturday, January 1, 2005

2 down (almost) one to go!

so here is my 2nd pair of clogs that I've made for friend. well they're almost done that is. LOL I still have to felt them. I had my friend over to felt them today but I cleaned this AM and didn't knit as much as I thought I would so I wasn't done I'll have to have her over for like 30 min to felt them......They are sooo easy to do! I think I'm really addicted to felting! I like the end result! I'm going to make a pair for my best friend but I think I should finish her scarf that I'm making her for Christmas.....LOL it's just easier to make something when you see the end in sight. The scarf I want it to be long so I'm just knitting away it's mindless knitting though.....LOL
I went to today and bought like a ton of yarn for different projects. LOL and I told myself no more yarn till I finish the projects I'm working on and have waiting....LOL oh well I'm a sucker for yarn. LOL I got this really pretty multi color yarn for a felted bag I wanna make! It will look totally cool!
I got a call this am from my hubby. I miss him so much! I worry about him also....It's so close to when they get to come home but still so far away. It's soo hard! I def won't miss this life when we get out! but I know God had a purpose for everything and I just need to trust in Him! so needless to say I've been praying a lot! I always say that instead of worrying you should pray! Luke 12:25 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? that's the verse I keep playing over and over in my head these days! God is definitely taking care of Andy!
I'm watching that movie Hero. But in English I'll have to watch it with the subtitles to get the real meaning. b/c if it's anything like crouching tiger the English doesn't do it justice!
anyways I should get back to my movie and more knitting! LOL

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