Thursday, January 6, 2005

the best present ever!

HOW COOL ARE MY FRIENDS? they are the coolest! I love them! My bestest friend Kelly organized a surprise b-day party for me instead of bible study this AM..Kelly to throw me off on my b-day (yesterday) gave me flowers and a lava lamp! i love them! .. and this is everything i recieved as a present... along with note on how i've impacted each of their lives....SOB! it was really special and really embarassing....i loved it! I got candles galore! i love them! they all smell great (thanks tracey who made them herself, and kristy who bought some yummies to smell too) (*now i need votive holders and pillar holders to burn them all on/in!LOL hint hint) i got some white tea and ginger smelling lotion collection (thanks anna). a pin cushion (awesomely homemade!) which i totally needed BTW! (thanks jen! you're great!) I also got some great smelling soap b/c everytime i was at Pam's house i told her how i loves washing my hand's b/c it smells so yummy! (i really wasn't hinting at anything then i just like my hands smelling good! and who doesn't?) i also a great framed verse from my friend amy, and some ornaments from elva, and a great trivet/tile from Muriel that she painted herself and it says: An Army Wife is like a teabg * You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water. Danielle to throw me off made me cookies wednesday YUM! which i thought was enough but no she goe and aldo got me a gift certificate to Herrschners for more yarn..... Now HOW cool is that? (danielle you rock!) and i know i'm forgetting somethings so i'm sorry! they were all so sneaky! it was wonderful! God really has blessed me this past year with awesome friends to pull close to over the deployment. and just when i was feeling down He uses them to lift me back up! Thank you sooo much!
anyways that's my day i also finished some clogs that i was making for Kelly

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