Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Chinese food yum!

Today for my B-day a bunch of my friends and i went to a chinese buffet. which is not normal here. well it's not like the states but it was close! and oh sooo yum! i'm happy it was a good dinner! so HB to me! a little early that is....LOL

I absolutely love popcorn! A friend of mine gave me a bag of kernels for popping for Christmas! It was great. I’m just now popping some. It’s white popcorn though….not my fave but the appeal of the white popcorn is growing on me….
Anyways I’ve been knitting away I’m almost done with my 3rd felted slipper set then I can get to my hubby’s hat and Madison’s sweater…but I did find the poncho I wanna make… or something similar. The other day I bought the Princess Diaries 2 and she’s wearing a pink and whitish striped poncho in one of the scenes and I want it! or rather I would like to make it…with the same colors too! well I think. though I’ve got an idea of how I’m going to do it….well kinda, I don’t want to get board making it. I’ll have to freeze frame it to see it up close. If anyone out in blog land has a similar pattern to what I’m wanting that would be great and totally save me time!! Email me!!!! You’ll be my best friend forever! LOL Well anyways I’ve got a bunch of things in the making (like in my head that I want to make) and I keep buying more yarn…some of which I will use very quickly. I’ve got a few presents to make for some friends. So I can’t talk about them b/c they may check this site out. But when they’re done I’m talking away!
Hey I just got approved for the fiber ROAK list! I’m so pumped! I was on the waiting list and now I’m not! YIPPIE! Since I’m just starting as a knitter I don’t have too much of a stash to unload on other knitters but I do have some so I’m excited! Plus I’m sure I’ve got some stuff like candles and such sitting around….I love candles but only the cooking smells kind (ya know sugar cookie, vanilla but not the waxy kind, cinnamon (never cinnamon apple yuck loooong story) etc.) Plus I love being a part of things. Especially if it has to do with giving things and support to make people just sooo happy! .
I’ve also signed up for the Secret Pals 4 and passed on that to a few of my friends here who are also knitting or just learning to I’m super excited about that too. but I haven’t officially been approved for that and won’t know about that till the 24th I think that’s when they divvy out the names….I love this secret pal stuff! Well I should get to bed sometime this day….


Lori said...

Happy Birthday! I was just accepted to the RAOK too! It's a great bday gift :)

and I have to agree, chinese food is yummy... it's definitely my favorite food, but I grew up on it :)

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday, and welcome to RAOK!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to the RAOK group. Popcorn is my all-time favorite snack :)

Wendy G said...

Sounds like you have several good projects going. Welcome to RAOK.

Liz said...

Hey there! i'm a newbie at FiberRAOK as well. :) It is nice to meet you!

Liz said...

PS. Happy Birthday!

- Liz