Sunday, January 23, 2005

ET phone home!

MMMMMM i love these! and they're so hard to find around here! but my friend Pam is AWESOME she got me these how special is she?and i only mentioned it like once how much i love reeses pieces and how much is sucked b/c you can hardly find them.... (check out her family website at )She crochets!(we haven't sucked her into knitting or blogging yet but this sat is our ladies night at we'll see HA HA HA evil laugh!) and she's also Deanna's mama (see pix below) she's great!
i'm almost ready to pick up and knit twisted on my booga bag....but i've gotta figure out exactly how to do that! LOL i'll figure it out!
well i'm borrowing my friend's web cam so my hottie hubby can see me today.... cool techno crap! LOL
well i'm going to try and figure out the next step for this bag i'm anxious to get it done!


jessica said...

I like those too... well i like almost anything that is sugar related:) Have you tried the peanutbutter MnM's yet?! i know they arn't the same but they are super good too! We usually have a bag of them at every knitting night, or at least try to. where did you get the pattern from for your bag? just curious. till next time...

um said...

mmm, reese's pieces. have you tried the new reese's pieces that have peanuts in 'em? my hubby asked for a CASE of them for christmas and got them. i figured that would keep him out of my candy :)