Tuesday, January 11, 2005

last christmas present

so i finally finished Stacie's clogs....here's a pix of them finished....they turned out quite nice! and how sweet was she? she got me that book Knit one Felt too....i'm so pumped i was going to buy that i guess it's good that i'm a slacker and never got around to it....LOL.
so i know i said i was making a hat for my DH but i had to start it over AGAIN! arugh! it was too big....long story short i am going to follow the directions and not add stitches....LOL and i'm still looking for a pattern for a ponch similar to the one in Princess Diaries 2......if anyone has seen that movie and knows how to make that one (the pink diagonal stripped one) please email me!!!
also i finally started on the mitten again i say again b/c i already made 2 but maddy lost one! so this time i'm knitting an I cord to connect them! anyways off to bed i go! i'm up to late!

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