Tuesday, January 11, 2005

see i've been working on this hat for my hubby! I'm using the Shaker Rib pattern. here's the link http://www.chicknits.com/shakerribhat.html i hope that works! it's a great pattern and pretty easy! my hubby wanted to buy a hat but i told him NO i'm so able to make you one now! LOL! How many of us have done that? I was talking with my friend kelly (you can find her blog at www.pizzyknits.blogspot.com ) and she said it's the same thing as her hubby building their frankenstien...aka computer! LOL that great pride when you finally finish and get to use what you've made! i love it! well anyways i've been working on this hat and i hope to finish with it soon i've got some yarn just waiting for me to make something for ME! so far i've not made anything! i've found a great pattern at www.lionbrand.com for a turtle neck sweater and i bought some nice yarn and it's just hiding away somewhere waiting for me to knit it together...... i hope i can do it okay...... we'll see i'll keep you all posted! LOL no pun intended!

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