Friday, February 4, 2005

lookie lookie!!!

here's a pix of my mom in her poncho!!! she really likes it! i'm so happy! it's always nice to see pepole wearing the things you make! i've had a rough couple of days lately but i'm going to air that dirty laundry on the net! LOL anyways the month is droning on and on...soon my DH will be home soon! at least that's what i keep telling myself....
well i finally finished my bag now i'm working on the I-cord then on to felting i'm nervous about how it works out! we'll see....
well off to knit.
happy knitting all of you!


um said...

that looks awesome! i bet she loves it and will brag to everyone about how her dd made it for her :)

i hope your felting project goes well. it's a lot of fun. just hang out by the washing machine and don't walk away for a long period of time. that's really the only way something could go wrong. just keep checking it - it'll be great!

take care :)

eyeleen said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Your mom looks great in her Poncho!! Great work!