Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Be very Afraid!

The one pix i managed to take yesterday. it's the Americana Baby! we found this cute cute outfit at the PX i was sure everyone else and their mom would've had it but nope Belly was the belle of the ball! LOL

did you check the cute sandals?
that was the selling point for me! LOL
look at this pix i found.

now if you were to try and find me on Thursday mornings i would be somewhere like this. It's a pix i took last week at Bible study. SNIF kelly won't be here this week. but i did get an email and if you look at my post from yesterday she left a comment! PTL for the internet and email!
so you can tell by the pix we have tons of fun and good fellowship if you're ever in the area look me up i'll hook you up!
well anyways enough of that. i've turned the 2nd heel of my 1st pair of socks YIPPIE only 1/4 the way to go! then i'm off to do a Go team sock for my DH i won't make the deadline (tonight) for the 6 sock KAL but that's ok i just joined it like a week or so ago. LOL i'm not a fast knitter yet. soon though soon! so my bumble bee looking sock yarn will become a sock for my DH i have to find red sock yarn to write Go Buc's for him... yes he likes the pirates. he's excited about it so i'm running with the feeling b/c hey whey your DH jumps on that bandwagon and ENABLES you to buy MORE yarn you gotta RUN WITH IT. so i'm off sometime this week to the LYS in amberg for some more yarn... i can't help it if i happen to get some different yarn to jump into my bag on the way out. and more Euro outta my wallet....LOL hey it's all for you honey! LOL (insert evil/crazy laugh here)
ok off to plan!
happy knitting


Catherine Kerth said...

cute outfit! good luck on the rest of the sock. i too am slow to knit right now, but getting faster with practice!

Christina said...

Good luck on the socks. I must warn you; if you haven't already noticed, sock yarn is very addictive! When I first started, everyone received socks for Christmas that year. :)