Monday, July 25, 2005

hungry, why wait?

so i finished the pants.

i also took some pix in action with the whole outfit.. Hungry? take a bite outta crime!
or in this case your sweater. notice the stripes down the side of the pants...

I washed them yesterday and the yarn softened up a bit so i'm sure they'll make her nice and warm and snuggly!
i just made up the pattern for the pants it's not the best.

now i had a few people asking me about my self dyed yarn, i'm using for my sock pal socks.. . and thank you for all your compliments! which btw i've been making progress but for some reason discovered a hole where there shouldn't be one and last night was spent TINKing back.. i have a few more rows to TINK back before i restart my knitting... it took me a while to decide to tink instead of frog.. one fact being i'm about 4-5 inches up the foot and if i frogged i'd have to start all over again... anyways back to the yarn LOL i used koolaid. there was orange, blue, pink, red, green ok i can't promise the right type of koolaid but i think used for the pink ~slammin strawberry kiwi, green~ lemon lime, blue~ ice blue raspberry lemonade, orange ~mandrian (nice bright orange), red ~ cherry or tropical punch can't remember..... if i remember correctly the purple just kinda happened from the red and like you don't know basic color wheel stuff. Oh i used about 3-4 packets and just enough water to make a dark solution. about 1-2 oz... i would guess.
in the pix it the skein on the right...

anyways i hope that helps you out! have fun dying!
gotta jet the booty wants out of the play yard! eek!


jessica said...

Booty looks supre cute in her outfit! you did an awesome job, and to make up the pants all by yourself... wow your good! i cant believe she is satnding already... that means leah will be soon, they grow too fast! we are going to miss all of you next week=( i can't wait until you are state side... soon you!

Catherine Kerth said...

thnkas for yoyr dying tips on the colors:) they will be put to good use! i love the outfit too cute!

Christine said...

The outfit looks great! The yarn looks yummy, too!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

great pants.