Tuesday, August 16, 2005

not too much today

so I took a test see below.. I went and saw the new movie but I thought the 1st one was better I love that movie.. The book is great too! Much more in depth! Anyways look and see what I got! Take it yourself if you dare!

Willy Wonka
Congratulations! You scored 194!
You are a true fan, or maybe you were forced to watch the movie over and over again as a child. Who knows. Whatever the case, you should be proud that you ranked so high on my charts.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 82% on Golden Tickets
Link: The True Willy Wonka Test written by pumpkinfish23 on Ok Cupid

I've been working on knitting and crochet things like crazy but not much to show it! like my sock pal socks I'm on the toe and I've gotta concentrate on that so I can get it done.. 2nd's sock syndrome? maybe we'll see... LOL
my friend sent me this pix from a few months ago it's the booty and her friend bubbah you can visit him at his mommy's blog here

we miss them terribly! That pix was taken like 2-3 days before they moved so you can see why they are so serious! LOL
here's some pix from swimming about a month ago.. Just wanted to share. I think they are soo cute! I have to thank EM for taking and sending me these pix.

see the bub is still learning to swim so she gets to wear muscles!
you know me I love pix and sharing them..

at the pool is a great kiddy pool here's a pix of the booty playing in the pool... fun! we like to swim!

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Catherine Kerth said...

your kids are absolutely gorgeaous! you already knew that:)