Friday, February 10, 2006

Get off the puter.....

So for my Sew? I knit sew a long I posted an entry. I went thru my closet and DUG out my patterns and fabric. Now I'm just trying to find the time to cut then sew the skirt.... You can read about it here.
I've been on the puter a lot lately so not much knitting has been going on. I hope to fix that soon! Like by getting off here and going and knitting. I will show you what I've been working on... First it's a basket?? No silly, it's a hat I'm crocheting for my BIL it's almost done I hope he likes it. we're going to a chief's game tomorrow night and I told my DH to ask if my BIL and SIL want to come. I got the tickets free!! from my work. It's fun to get things for free. My DH is super duper excited. I'm planning on taking my socks to work on.. Hey lets look inside their bag. it's a pair of socks I started back over thanksgiving. They're for MOI. So of course I don't work on them like I should. Let's look a little closer at the pattern. I'm trying a lace pattern. I'm not a HUGE lace fan but I do like this how it's turning out. Who know s maybe it will change my attitude towards lace. And here's a close up of the colors how they're turning out ok it's not the best pig but it's night and there's no daylight to take a quality pix.. So it'll have to do! It's a hand painted yarn (painted by myself) 100% merino. What do you think?
and the last project I'm working on is some baby booties. I'm actually writing up the pattern for them and since my friend is having a boy I thought I'd make her some for her gift. I've gotta have them done by march b/c that's when her shower is. I also have to START the sweater I bought yarn for.... HMMM we'll see. LOL
so that's what I've been doing lately.
here's a pix of the booty. She looks totally different today. So I took a pix. It could be the cute overalls we got at old navy but I think she's growing UP too fast... SNIFF! My baby!
a lot of people are in the knitting Olympics I'll be watching that's for sure. Good luck everyone!


Muriel said...

Bella is looking sooooo big!!! I know they grow way too fast. My "baby" is turning 4 this year!!! How did this happen?? Your socks look great. Hope you'll have fun at the games.

Catherine Kerth said...

the green color is so vibrant! love it:) have fun at the game :) amd booty is really cute! she is growing up fast, so is my 20 month old. sniff sniff!

Pamela Foreman said...

She is getting so big! They do grow up too fast! Kathryn will be 9 months on Tuesday!!! Hard to believe. Have fun at the game. The socks look great!

amylovie said...

Your daughter is just precious!

Lorri said...

Your title caught my attention. My 3 yo daughter tells me to get off the puter all of the time. So funny.