Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stop Traffic!

That's what Tour De Toona did. What the? (not too hip on all the biking lingo so excuse my not knowing what it's all about) just click it. Well it's a bike race/marathon that starts, well maybe ends, in Altoona and takes it's path right thru J-town, and in FRONT of our house. So we went out on the front porch to watch. Here's the bikers coming around the corner up the street. And then 2 seconds they were in front of our house. These are the ladies BTW. The men were in the AM while I was at work. There's the bub standing there waving. It was really cool!
so we've met the new neighbors. They're really cute and super NEW... LOL they just hatched this past week or so. I found the nest while I was trying to decide which branches to trim off the tree and there was one hatched and one egg. Now there's two baby birds.. LOL I laughed at this view so I thought I would share! See the similarities?
ok so I'm not avoiding the crafting I just had to take creative pix so that certain people who read the blog won't know what I'm making for them. sooo here starts the parade of tricky pix, I'm not telling you what I'm making you'll just have to guess! So first we have this cute little red number it's sooo cute. I know it's going to turn out just perfect I can't wait to finish it. The patter is simple and very elegant.
and I guess I'll have to show you what else I've made tomorrow b/c I guess now there's a limit to how many pix you can add to a blogger entry... Bummer. But tomorrow there'll be more! (at the latest the next day) wink wink.

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Pamela Foreman said...

The bikers are cool! How neat they go right past your house. And to think if you hadn't moved there, you wouldn't have seen such a cool sight! LOL

The bird pics are cute!! Your yard is huge!! Looks like the kiddos were having fun in the pool.

The "red" item looks so pretty! Can't imagine what it is! I've got to get cracking on my items!!

Miss you!!