Monday, August 14, 2006


This past week has flown by like a whirlwind! My mom and dad and my bro's were here visiting. We had a lot of fun. I do wish that they could've stayed longer. We took them on the Inclined plane. Here's a pix of my Bro's (the red heads) and Bubba and my DH. Sorry the pix is a little dark it was really bright out. Behind them you can see part of the city. I've also got a pix of my

parents. HI Mom and Dad! While they were here we explored a state park that's up above our house. It has a lot of hiking trails and we found a great swimming hole! Complete with a rope to swing out into the water with. Which we did a couple of times. I won't scare you with any pix of me doing that but take my word for it It was FUN! And just so you don't think that I'm leaving the booty out of this post. Here's a pix of her from the other night she's carrying around our kitten Simba In my basket. she loves that cat. He's really good with her and lets her do whatever. Though I'm always watching her so she doesn't hurt the crazy boy. Her hair is getting long isn't it?
I wish my family lived closer that would be awesome! So most of my family has visited in the past month. All that's missing is my older sister. She's busy though so that's ok. Hopefully for either Christmas or thanksgiving we'll get to see her.
anyways our week didn't end when my parents left. This weekend was the Pittsburgh Pirates game for Stitch N Pitch. OF course we went. It was great. Though not exactly what I'd expected. We were thinking we'd sit closer to the other knitters/crocheters/crossstitchers. They were close but not that close that we could sit and talk. I guess if you go you should sign up with other knitters from your local LYS. Which is what most of the knitters did. I unfortunately I haven't gone to a knitting night and I've been on a major yarn diet! So I just signed up from the website. I did get to meet many wonderful women at the little demo place. We also got some cool stuff. Look here's my goodies. My DH got a bag also since he paid for a ticket also.. Pretty cool! He may just learn how to knit or crochet also! The game was really good. The pirates swept the cardinals this weekend and totally shut them out this last game. My DH was happy!
Stupid blogger wasn't letting me do all the photos so I just added them in later. Hope you enjoy!


Pamela Foreman said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!! Wish we could have gone to a game on Friday night, but we were traveling! Love the goodies!!

kmckiernan said...

Stitch and pitch looks like so much fun, as well as all the awesome time you got to spend with your family!