Thursday, November 23, 2006


So last Wednesday for awana's the bub was supposed to dress up as a Indian (native American?) or a pilgrim. We really didn't have much of either. So we improvised. We found some pink moccasin like slippers and some feathers and leather strip/lacing. And there she is standing nicely. Not the best costume but still cute. so I thought it was an appropriate pix to start out today with

I don't know about you but as it gets colder I get moving more and more. I find my knitting and crochet goes faster and I finish more. (or maybe I'm picking smaller more faster projects) the season gets me to cooking and baking and canning can you tell what I was making the other day?
it's yummy and tangy and sweet. I love it. It's great on toast...I snapped a few pix that I thought I would share. The steam from everything is pretty neat. Look though the mist.. LOL
ok so I tried my hand at some apple butter. Though I didn't really follow one recipe I followed 2 or 3 different recipes so it's a little tangy. But that can be the result of the, apples I used along with the ingredients. But I still think it's good. I'm planning on using it for presents for teachers and co-workers for Christmas. So what are you guys thinking for making for Christmas presents. I've been researching easy "mass produced" type of gifts. I'm always up for ideas. I found this site that someone had mentioned making chocolates and putting them in origami boxes for gifts.. YUMMO! Of course b/c it's chocolate I may have problems giving it away. Well not that people wouldn't want it but that I would want it. *sigh*
well that's just one of my ideas... I'm always open for more. Share share! Well it's time for the Tday parade!

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jessica said...

yummy yummy, I love that stuff! Hope you guys are having a happy thanksgiving!