Wednesday, January 3, 2007

crazy times

I hope all had a wonderful weekend! Here it seemed every other day we had someone sick. Through all that we managed to go to my BIL's wedding/ceremony thingy. (we won't go into my feelings about the whole thing) The bride and groom were beautiful! While there, we had our pix taken, it was like the ONLY pix on our camera from the whole day. I forgot to take more. The girls were flower girls/ fairy girls. They really loved it and were totally cute. everyone wanted to pinch their cheeks and take them home.. so to speak that is. LOL My DH was one of the groomsmen, and i just sat and watched. We had a good time.
Wednesday at work one of the head construction guys from the company across the yard came over with this little bundle of joy. He'd found it under the dumpster freezing it's little tail off, with no momma cat around at all. No one wanted to bring it home but i couldn't let it sit outside and freeze to death. so i put it in a box and brought it home praying my DH wouldn't kill me for bringing another kitten. (we already have one, remember simba?) He didn't btw as you can tell b/c i'm typing up a post. So i called and set up a visit to the vet and found out that Oreo is a girl. She's also pretty healthy and about 4 weeks old. when we first brought her home she just hid under things and slept. now more and more she's exploring and climbing and playing i'm so overjoyed! it would be hard to bring such a cute kitty home and then have to part with her. try explaining that to the kids... anyways as you can tell from the pix she's small enough to sit on my hand comfortably. her head is almost bigger than her body like a bobble head. LOL now if we could only get simba to stop trying to eat her.


Amy Lu said...

Watch out Allena! You are on a slippery slope girl!

LOL, we got 5 litters and now have 3 cats because of situations like that!

(and I still want more kittens!)

Julie said...

Oreo is just adorable! I used to have a kitty named oreo about 15 years ago, great name choice. ;)

Brandy said...

Awwww!!!! What a sweetie!

Shelley said...

What a nice family pic :o)

The kitten is sooo adorable!

Pamela Foreman said...

Great pic of the family! Glad Oreo is doing okay!!

jessica said...

Love the family pic, the girls are cute as ever! I hope simba doesn't eat oreo. hehehe.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
love you & miss you!

Erin said...

Great pic of the whole gang. Nice to see a recent pic of you and you DH together. :D The girls are cutie pies, as usual. How's lil' Orea doing? Reminds me a lot of the "Oreo" we rescued from the poud years ago. I miss that little thing. :D