Saturday, June 9, 2007

Pink Elephants!

They're all around, and no, I'm not watching Dumbo...
I made these cute guys for my mom's yahoo group to be our traveling mascots. we're going to send them around to each member and have them take pix and have fun with our families for a while. The tall one, whom I've been calling Ellie, the destroyer just loves and carries around everywhere. I may have to make another one just for her. The short one, whom I've been calling Elena,
is knitted from a pattern I found here. She also has it in PDF form for your pleasure. It's cute as it was made with stripes! I was pleased to see that as a solid it's just as cute! I used some black eyed peas to fill the bottom of the elephante instead of the pellets it called for only b/c I had the peas and I'm not going to eat them. So it's truly a beanie! LOL that cracks me up.
So here's a shot of the two of them together.
they are BFF's and soon will be off to their next destination. And yes I'm still working on my neice's gift. I'm just easily distracted.. so sorry Jessica! I'll get cracking! luckily it's not an age thing. I'm sure it'll be done by her 1st birthday, if not before......eek! must go work on it now!


Julie said...

Cute elephants! I did the stripey version of Elefante for my son and it was a big hit.

ck said...

So cute!