Friday, August 17, 2007


So I've been meaning to post this for a while! I can't believe that I left it go for that long!

The other day I was at Goodwill shopping for some clothes. It's always good to stop there and look you never know what you may find! On this particular trip I found some nice skirts for the Bub. she loves to wear dresses and skirts. While there I thought I'd look at the home gadgets and things and look at what I found.. a Sewing Genie.. yeah I know I have a sewing machine what do I need with this thing? Well every time I take my main machine up to be fixed it's either closed or I've left it at home. (yeah I'm that quick)
so for 6 bucks I picked up this little thing. It came with a hem thingy. (you pull it out and hem something real quick) I've yet to use b/c the instructions are in French and since I only too Spanish in school I can't understand a lick of it. There's an instructional video but it's VHS so I haven't watched it yet. I plan on using it tonight to make the Bub a pencil case from this pattern. You have to scroll down to the Aug 24 entry but it's pretty cool huh?
so we'll see if this gene thing works or not.
more to come at a later date....

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Pamela Foreman said...

Whew! I looked at that pattern - lots of steps! I don't have a zipper foot or a button foot. I think I need to purchase them. TTYL!