Saturday, November 17, 2007

Busy Day!

Last Sunday was Michaels, "Big Yarn Event" there was supposed to be yarn demo's from 1-6 at all Micheals stores. Well at my Michaels that was me. So I got to sit around for 5 hours crocheting things, getting paid for it! Michaels had projects we were to make. But since I'm the Crochet instructor I switched a few to promote my classes and a few I didn't like the patterns a I didn't follow any of the patterns to the T......nd did my own thing. OkLOL
The first hour I made this scarf. I only did 4 rows b/c I don't like thick scarves.
The second hour was supposed to be a nifty knitter made bag. I d
on't want to go off on what I think of the nifty I'll move on.
The third hour was a one skein scarf. It went back and forth, back and forth which I don't like. so I changed it. to a Simple Skinny Scarf. (I also typed up the pattern for my classes).
I skipped the 4th hour project, and went right to the baby hat. I changed that one too. LOL then I was done and had 4 projects finished in 5 hours. I had super fun talking with people! I came home sooo happy that I get to get paid to do what I enjoy!


Wendy said...

You did way better then me!

I did finish the first project, though it could use more trim. I couldn't do the second one because A. I don't use a knifty knitter and B. They didn't have any in stock, LOL!

The third one was annoying and for all those hovering around me to learn, they wouldn't see anything as the homespun is like crocheting for blind people. You really just have to crochet by feel.

The fourth project I skipped also.

I didn't finish the baby hat and honestly, I don't think it was going to look right that pattern.

Today we had our class preview day. It was okay. I teach monday mornings and it seems people want evening classes, when I can't teach.

Pamela Foreman said...

Cool way to spend a few hours! I love the hat, can I get the pattern? You go girl for changing things up!

PippaW said...

I really like the big red scarf, love the color of the yarn!

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