Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Do Love Him!

My husband is a sweetheart. Since I've been working a lot more lately he's picked up the slack a bit and learned to cook chicken and rice. (the kind made with cream of chicken soup I'm sooo proud!) Today he decided to make that for lunch......
When I got home from work it was almost done. He pulled it out and said... um Hun, was the lid supposed to go in the oven?
me: Yeah it can go in.
Dh: The plastic one?
me: What plastic lid?! (trying not to sound shrill)
Dh: The one for the stone.
me: the stone has a stone lid. (dreading what would come next)
Dh: OH....

So my dear husband has melted my lid.. but hey that's ok I wasn't crazy about it b/c it didn't seem to fit right.

Yesterday I hurt my back.. today I'm shuffling around the house trying not to puke from the pain.. sigh.. I'm going to go lay down to try and get some sleep, hopefully tomorrow I can get in to see the Dr.

fingers crossed!


Christy said...

Now it REALLY won't fit right! This is something my husband would do, too. Hope you feel better!

jessica said...

I hope you feel beter soon!

hee hee hee, poor dh :O)

Pamela Foreman said...

Sounds like something I'd do! I love that recipe too! Hope your back gets better real soon!