Friday, November 23, 2007

What I did for my thanksgiving was.......

This thanksgiving we drove 11 hours to WI to spend the holiday with my family.
I got to meet my adorable niece Chloe. she's sooo cute and just as sweet as her pix on my Sister's blog. At dinner I snapped a photo of her eating her mashed taters. and since I can't just take one photo, I took pix of the whole
You'll rec
ognize the bub and next to her is my nephew, Gabe. I got to sit next to this chick magnet! He's acts shy when I talk with him but really he's not.
Of course you need to see my brothers. whom look exactly alike just 10 years apart. and Trev (in black) has longer hair.Jared just got back from China, where he was working but is thinking about going back to finish learning the language! (amazing really) You may not be able to see the similarities but it was really bad when Trevor was about 10, and we would come home b/c I mostly remember Jared being 10 and they looked exactly alike so I kept calling Trevor, Jared. (actually i still do) LOL I'm a dork.
Here's my BIL Joe and niece Leah. She's on her 2nd helping I think. I actually think i skipped a pix of my Sister... but that's ok she's told me she really didn't like the pix I took of her.
Next, is a photo of my brother making a face and my mom.
Yes I timed all my photos so i took a pix of everyone while they were either taking a bite or chewing or some other form of bad photo pose.. but hey it's the fam.

Finally i have a photo of my DH and The beady... LOL he actually was posing in this photo. He likes to fool around.
All in all it was a wonderful dinner. too bad my stomach is all choppy this weekend. I only ate a little bit. (the scale enjoyed it this morning at Weight Watchers)
After dinner we watched The Santa Clause 3. It was a cute movie and of course after every turkey day dinner we have the sleepers. That's my dad who was cut in half in those pix above. So I hope you enjoyed my photo presentation of what I did for my thanksgiving....
Not pictured in any of these photos is my older sister, Dawn who had to leave Wednesday morning to go back to CO where she lives. (we missed her too!)
so how was your thanksgiving?


Pamela Foreman said...

Glad you got to spend some time with the family! Love the pics!!

jessica said...

Thanks for not putting me in;O) I hate how visits go by so fast... we are going to miss you!